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Each facial treatment is customised to your skin. Beauty Salon Skin & Slim will analyse your skin type and condition at the time of your treatment, working with you to best suit your needs. Beauty Salon Skin & Slim can prescribe a home care regimen to help maintain the benefits of your skin care treatment.

Skin & Slim's Facial treatment

Skin & Slim's Facial (45 min): $50

skin care The ultimate antioxidant facial treatment to repair, nourish and rebalance your skin with organic bioactive pure nutrients, resulting in firm, smooth and healthy skin that glows.

This Beauty Salon Skin & Slim facial treatment includes cleansing, toning, steam with aromatherapy, ozone, exfoliation and an enzyme mask.

Facial Express

Facial Express (30 min): $45

Perfect for quickly giving your skin the essentials when you cannot have a longer session. This facial treatment includes a cleansing, skin toning therapy, exfoliation, mask and moisturising with sunscreen.

Bust Decollete & Neck

Bust Decollete & Neck (90 min): $120

Bust, decollete and neck The bust, decollete and neck areas can easily show a women's age if it is dry and has horizontal lines showing. Lack of a proper skin care routine and sun overexposure on the neck and decollete result in dryness and a lack of elasticity.

The combination of marine origin collagen, elastin and concentrated moisturisers creates a hydrating complex that provides instant results. The benefits are further optimised by an ionisation treatment which helps products penetrate the deeper skin layers.

Deep Cleansing

Deep Cleansing (60 min): $85

Deep Cleansing, Tonic, Exfoliation, Steam with aromatherapy, oxygenation with ozone, extraction of impurities, sterilise and heal, mask & moisturise.

This skin rejuvenation treatment promotes the cell renewal process by enhancing blood circulation and increasing collagen and elastin production, gently deep cleansing the skin of harmful toxins and acne-causing bacteria, encouraging lymphatic drainage and gently exfoliating away dead skin cells. The result is clearer, firmer, brighter, more vibrant looking skin!

Back Cleansing

Back Cleansing (80 min): $75

A deep cleanse for spotty or oily backs. This will make your back look beautifully soft and clean, all ready for those georgeous tops and dresses!

Teen Facial treatment

Teen Facial (60 min): $55

This Beauty Salon Skin & Slim facial treatment is specifically tailored for teenagers. Let Skin & Slim take care of your skin early to maintain beautiful skin for your whole life. Specifically for youthful skin problems this soothing teen facial treatment deep cleans pores and calms redness. Immediate improvement after a single treatment but for longer-lasting results, Skin & Slim recommends a treatment series.

Men's Facial

Men's Facial (60 min): $99

Men's Facial Special men's facial treatment for men skin care needs. Our gentlemens exclusive men's facial will aid in instant firming, hydrating and brightening the skin.

Men's facial includes extraction (if needed), a cocktail of AHAs, cellular regenerator and homecare advise. This is the most effective and relaxing facial for a man in Sydney.