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Body and Beauty Salon Skin & Slim in Sydney offers the following Inch Loss Body Wrap Slimming, Reaffirming & body shaping, Anti-Cellulite and Post Natal skin and body salon treatments:

Inch Loss Body Wrap Slimming

Body Wrap: Slimming & Inch Loss (1 Session - 50 min): $95

Slimming Inch loss Inch loss body wrap slimming is based on the application of infrared radiation bands and heats the layer below the skin, for breaking down fat. This infrared body wrap slimming treatment is designed to help you lose inches in any specific problem area (the thighs, hips, abdomen, and buttocks) improving body shape, body size and body contour. Experience the sensational effects of the Skin & Slim infrared body wrap treatment.

Reaffirming & body shaping

Reaffirming & Reshaping (1 Session - 45 min): $69

Reaffirming and Reshaping The reaffirming and body shaping treatment uses pads placed on problem areas to stimulate the underlying tissues. An effective treatment that increases muscle tone, recuperates flaccid muscle, lifts the buttock and stimulates and improves circulation.


Anti Cellulitical (1 Session - 45 min): $100

The most effective anti cellulite treatment that works through improving blood circulation. The Anti cellulitical treatment improves skin quality and appearance of orange peel skin and greatly reduces edema (also known as dropsy or fluid retention). This cellulite treatment works wonders to leave skin feeling great and looking even better

Post Natal Treatment

Post Natal Treatment (1 Session - 45 min): $69

Body and Beauty Salon Skin & Slim post natal treatment stimulates the metabolic rate and helps to burn off fat. This also helps tightening and pulling in muscles and loose skin and reduce strech mark visibility. This highly recommended post natal treatment strengthens and rejuvenates the pelvic floor and restores muscle elasticity. This is the ideal post natal beauty salon treatment.