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Specialised Skin Treatments

Diathermy a la Carte (Cellular Regenerator)

Diathermy a la Carte (Cellular Regenerator): $150

diatherm cellular This exceptional facial improves the metabolism and functions of the cells and tissues increasing the longevity of the cells. Thanks to advanced cosmetology it's possible to delay signs of aging, by improving cellular respiration and protecting against free radicals. Beauty Salon Skin & Slim will select a specific gel to best suit your skin needs. The gel penetrates the deep layers of your skin due to capacitive system technology. This diatherm treatment is highly recommended

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment (60 min): $185

A blend of balancing products are applied to clean the skin, ease inflammation, minimise future breakouts, normalise shine and control sebum production. This effective acne treatment includes deep cleansing + cocktail AHAs & BETAs

Acne Scarring Treatment

Acne Scarring Treatment: $150

A unique blend of AHAs (Glycolic, Citric, Lactic) plus Salicylic results in improved elasticity of the skin, smoother texture, greater luminosity, fewer acne scars. Beauty Salon Skin & Slim Acne scarring treatment includes a cellular regenerator session with skin repairing ingredients.

Face Lifting - Non Surgical

Non Surgical Face Lifting: $150

face lifting An effective face lifting treatment to stimulate blood flow, skin regeneration, lymphatic drainage. Improves muscle and skin tone with results that are evident from the first treatment session. An extremely enjoyable and relaxing face lifting process.

Skin Whitening

Skin Whitening Treatment: $150

A non invasive whitening treatment to help diminish photo aged and blemished skins (sun, pregnancy, acne and medicines). The Beauty Salon Skin & Slim skin whitening treatment reduces pores and expression lines, greatly improving skin quality.